At BraveYourself’s „Game of Drones“, football and drones clash.


Game of Drones is a minimalistic online indie game where two or four people defend their gate against the opponent drones and the ball.
It is done with a lot of love, high-tech and a team of two crazy developers. 

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  • You can invite your friends online and beat them in Game of Drones!

  • Train your skills with online random matches

  • Get Steam Achievements

  • Master Football 3D with a drone

  • Play with your Controller or even VR if you like

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„Killer App“ – Heise.de

„Really Fun“ – Pung

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Story behind the game:

Game of Drones was thought to be a very mini tiny Christmas hack only lasting two weeks. After playing a session of Rocket League, we did some drafts and concepts in the very cold and not so big appartment of Johannes Wolko in the center of Munich. Then suddenly we decided, we want to create a game just like Rocket League, but with drones and flying around. Should be done in two weeks or so. What a misjudgement. 

Design Paper of Game of Drones

In the following days after doing the Google Design Sprint for a week, the Designer Johannes C. Wolko and the Developer Max W. Aigner started immediately to design and develop the first prototypes with the Unity 3D Engine. The first versions of the drones were super difficult to navigate and looked really a lot more aweful than they do now. 

almost impossible to control drone

it was almost impossible to control the drone with the first very indirect but physically correct drone control

First Version of Game of Drones

In the second playable version, a couple of days later, we finally had a tiny networking multiplayer game with two drones that did not look too bad I would say. Also scoring a goal worked already.

Game of Drones Second Version with white a snowy floor

Game of Drones Second Version with white a snowy floor

Weeks and Weeks later after adding Steam Support, struggling with bugs and bad things, that could happen. We even received some job offers from big companies that we had to decline of course. After all that love and effort and watching Youtube videos of Jonas Tyroller, we finally came to this beautiful result (if you see room for improvement, please write us a message. All suggestions are collected and will be implemented according to the number of people asking for them. Messages can be in all languages, doesn’t necessarily have to be in english or whatever).



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