We are a small Bavarian startup located in Munich and have developed the game with dedication.

Technical Lead is Max Aigner. He loves to create games and built his first software in school to master presentations. He has great experiences working for the entertainment and visualisation industries like SWR, Elements, AMES and other customers.

Design and Marketing Lead is done by me, Johannes Wolko. I admire vehicles of all kind, specially 70ies-80ies Muscle and AMG cars. I love to play games (also board games -> „Junta“) and I want to create a great game experience for you. I worked for the automotive industry within companies such as Bertrandt, BMW and Rolls-Royce.

Thanks to Jonas Tyroller (ISLANDERS, WILL YOU SNAIL) for his great tips on his YouTube channel.

Max and me have joined forces to make the software world fun again.