What can you expect?

Do you want to play soccer with drones against your buddies in multiplayer? Do you want to take off from the football pitch and take to the skies with your drone? Do you want to flank the low-gravity ball into the opponent’s goal with daring kicks?

Football and drones collide in GAME OF DRONES. It is a minimalist mini multiplayer game with a reduced, futuristic look.

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Who are the developers?

We are a small Bavarian startup located in Munich and have developed the game with dedication. The scope of the game is very small and it is the first game we are launching. GoD is not a triple-A game with lots of content. Please take this into account when making your purchase decision.

We want to provide you with a small multiplayer game for LANs or online. Through the drones the soccer game gets another dimension – kicking from the highest heights. Due to special physics the ball moves with less gravity and can be shot into the opponent’s goal. GoD has put us into addictive states while playing.

If something doesn’t work with the game, please write us directly. We will answer as fast as possible and help you if there is a fire. You can also write us if you had a great time with Game of Drones. Send us recordings of your best hits.

Game of Drones offers you:

  • Drone soccer mini multiplayer
  • Easy control
  • 1x drone, 1x football arena
  • Low-Gravity Ball and good physics of the drone
  • Futuristic design with optical effects
  • Fun in Multiplayer for in between with highscores

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Game of Drones does NOT include:

  • Armed drones
  • Real soccer players
  • Cars (who does that 😉
  • Loot boxes
  • Career mode
  • Huge content (it is a mini-game, but with maxi-fun)
  • Microtransactions


Game of Drones is a very small, simple multiplayer game.

You can choose in the menu between 1vs1 online multiplayer and 2vs2 online multiplayer. After choosing you can start the game and you will be beamed to the drone soccer arena. Now you see your drone in pursuit perspective and the match starts against your opponent. In the middle is the big, low-gravity ball, which you have to kick, head, bump, dig, ram or volley as cleverly as possible into the opponent’s goal (either red or blue).

After 3 minutes the game is over and the player with the most goals wins the match. After that you will land back in the lobby and can start a new game.

Inspiration for Game of Drones:

  • Rocket League
  • Fifa/ PES
  • TRON
  • Harry Potter’s Quidditch
  • Blobby Volley

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